Homeland International are able to offer a truly global solution to the repatriation of mortal remains.

Unlike most other repatriation providers, who are purely ‘outbound’ only suppliers from one country, Homeland International’s approach to service is unique in our ability to support clients from any location worldwide.

International Repatriation Experts

Homeland International are capable of providing assistance to clients all over the world, wherever they may find themselves. Homeland International has built an extensive network of providers all over the world who all help deliver services on behalf of Homeland International in each and every country and territory worldwide. 

Despite being headquartered in the UK, Homeland International operates from a number of global locations as well. In key locations around the world, Homeland international has gone further by developing crucial relationships with stakeholders who allow even closer collaboration when working on repatriation services. These locations are indicated in the map above which shows where Homeland International operate from around the world. 

Beyond these locations above are over 500 other providers who allow us to operate from anywhere on earth. This network of providers has been built over centuries and through key relationships the company holds. 

This carefully selected group of providers consists of Funeral Directors, Repatriation Experts, Airlines, Embalming Professionals, Travel Operators, Concierge Firms, Translators, Notaries and many more. Where possible these providers are part of the trade associations, we are proudly part of around the world, however all of these providers are quality checked and regularly reviewed against performance indicators set by our management teams. 

We are able to support with repatriation to and from any location on earth. A sample of these can be found on our case studies page, here. There is no limit to what Homeland International can provide assistance with, whether that is repatriation from a remote location, a funeral service overseas or an exhumation before a repatriation home.

Image of helicopter body repatriation over Rio

Off-Grid Expertise

Homeland International has built a reputation for supporting clients from some of the most remote locations on earth, with the same standards and quality as with any other repatriation case. Thanks to the many years of experience and the global network which Homeland International has, repatriation support from ‘off grid’ locations is something our team are more than happy to support with. 

One particular cases study which helps to illustrate how we can help is here, when we supported a client with a repatriation from the remote island of Chuck in the Federated States of Micronesia in the Pacific Ocean.

RMR Trip Planning

We understand that trip planning is a task that many insurers and businesses will complete prior to a trip by policyholders.

We also understand that during the underwriting phase or other insurance product creation that it is imperative you know what potential claims costs could look like should RMR be required from any location in a particular trip.

Homeland International can help your product and assistance teams with planning in advance to provide information on expected costs and activation plans should our assistance team be needed. Whether you are covering policies for workers on an oil rig, a film crew entering a war zone or anything else in between, contact us for support.

Corporate travel RMR Tip planning