Body Repatriation Costs

A complete Body Repatriation service to or from anywhere in the world. To get started:

The cost of body repatriation services differ greatly from case to case as there are a number of factors which can affect the total, such as: the embassy requirements, the process required to that particular country and the length and quantity of flights required.

The cost for a body repatriation can be anywhere between £2,500 and £20,000, however the average cost usually tends to be somewhere around £3,000 to £6,000.

The cost for an ashes repatriation is usually lower and can be around £1,000 to £3,000 depending on the level of the service.

These costs are only a rough guide, some countries are notoriously more expensive and others are not, it is also worth understanding that often ‘short haul’ repatriations will usually cost less than ‘long haul’ repatriations do, primarily due to flight cost.

We would recommend you contact us to find out the exact quotation for your requirements as each situation is very different, then our team can provide a no obligation quotation for you. You can contact us on the form below, via the contact details at the top of this page or on our contact page.

Regarding body repatriation costs, we will always provide you with a clear estimate early on. Our charges include the following:

Our professional fees 

Our professional fees include access to our repatriation experts and their support during the repatriation process. The time taken to manage the repatriation, liaising with government offices and obtaining paperwork as well as keeping everyone updated on the status. This may also be referred to as a ‘Case fee’ or ‘Admin fee’. 

Care of the deceased person 

The costs associated with the care of the deceased person include mortuary facilities and the preparation and dressing of your loved one ready for repatriation.

Coffin suitable for international repatriation 

This is the cost of the coffin which we will order for the repatriation. The coffin will be zinc lined or will use a zinc cad sealing which meets all repatriation requirements. 

Free from Infection Certificate 

This is the costs associated with the application and collection of the Freedom from Infection Certificate from the doctors, hospital or GP surgery. 

Local removal 
A local removal includes the costs associated with the collection of your loved one from the place of death or where they are currently resting, and the careful transportation into our care. This takes into consideration the distance of the journey and whether there is paperwork or belongings to collect from other locations on the way. 

International embalming 

Embalming is a requirement for repatriation by air and often for repatriation by other means of transport too. We will complete an international embalming which will ensure the embassy, consular and airline repatriation requirements are met.

Coffin preparation 

An inspection of the coffin is carried out by a member of our team before repatriation, this includes having the coffin wrapped with protective materials to ensure the repatriation goes ahead safely. 

Transportation to the airport 

This includes the costs related to the transport of the coffin to the departure airport for the flight. 


This is the cost of the flight for the coffin to be transported to the destination airport. The cost is based on the total overall weight, we will provide a quotation based on a total weight of 150KG which is usually never exceeded. 

Some airlines, such as Pakistan International Airlines, provide free flights for their nationals back to their home country (such as Pakistan). This is only possible to Pakistan and a few other routes around the world, for more information please contact a member of the team for advice. 

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