Transporting & Repatriation Of Ashes

A complete Ashes Repatriation service to or from anywhere in the world. To get started:

We specialise in the repatriation of ashes all over the world

Homeland International supports with the repatriation of ashes and cremated remains all over the globe. We can support with the repatriation of ashes from the UK as well as the repatriation of cremated remains out of the UK. Shipping cremated remains between anywhere in the world is possible with our help. We support up to destination airports by:

  • Collection and preparation of the urn or ashes container
  • Arranging necessary paperwork and embassy requirements
  • Liaising with airlines for flight bookings
  • Transport to departure airport and customs formalities
  • Booking flights to destination country

Repatriation of ashes by courier companies or royal mail is no longer possible, however we are able to ship cremated remains ‘door to door’ between any location worldwide. With a network of over 300 providers worldwide, Homeland International makes the repatriation of cremated remains possible. We support with a ‘door to door’ option by following the process explained above as well as:

  • Customs clearance in destination country
  • Airport formalities and fees in destination country
  • Collection by a funeral director and transportation to an address in home country

More information of what is possible and what needs to be done to transport ashes overseas can be found below. Contact us today with your requirements and we would be happy to provide a quotation. 

How to transport ashes with Homeland International

Shipping ashes abroad from the UK

Airplane What to do when someone dies abroad

Transporting via hand luggage

Shipping ashes back to the UK

Shipping ashes from the UK

Homeland International can provide assistance with ashes repatriation from anywhere in the UK.

Our service involves:

  • Arranging the collection of the paperwork and ashes from you
  • Preparing the ashes for international travel
  • Requesting relevant paperwork from you (normally a death certificate and cremation certificate)
  • Completing required paperwork and visits to the embassy
  • Booking flights and transportation to departure airport

On arrival at the destination airport there are two choices:

  • We can arrange the collection of the ashes from the airport and transportation to the final address
  • You, or an appointed funeral director, can collect the ashes from the destination airport. We will provide all the necessary paperwork to assist you.


Up to the destination airport only
Up to the final address in the destination country
The above costs are estimates only, based on previous cases. The price may vary once you contact us with your specific requirements. If you would like to know more please contact us and we would be happy to help. 

Transporting ashes in your hand luggage

We can support you with the necessary preparation and paperwork if you plan to transport ashes via your hand luggage.

Most airlines will permit the carriage of cremated remains in hand luggage but it is important you have everything arranged before.

The ashes will need to be prepared for transportation and you will need to ensure you have all of the correct paperwork in place.

You will need the following paperwork:

  • Death certificate
  • Cremation certificate
  • Funeral Directors sealing certificate (also known as Funeral Directors declaration)

The ashes container will need to be secure for travel and remain scannable by X-ray machines.

Our Services:

  • Securing ashes in zinc cad seal system
  • Packing ashes in suitable wrap
  • Confirming sealing certificate
  • Arrangement of return to you pre-travel
  • Obtaining necessary paperwork from destination country


Securing ashes
From £75.00
Transport and embassy fees
Please note, we would always advise that you contact your airline in advance before travelling with cremated remains. Whilst most airlines such as British Airways and EasyJet state they will accept cremated remains there is always the possibility that someone at the airport, such as airport security, will not be so sure. It is always useful to have a printed email or letter from the airline so you can quickly show it as evidence just in case.

Shipping ashes back to the UK

Homeland International provides ashes repatriation services all over the world.

Thanks to our provider network, consisting of over 250 companies worldwide, we are able to support transporting cremated remains back to the UK. We will manage the collection overseas, the preparation of the urn for transport, the paperwork requirements, the airport, the shipping of the ashes to the UK and the collection from the airport and delivery to your address.

Our Services

  • Managing collection overseas
  • Preparation of the urn for transport
  • Completing the required paperwork
  • Transport to the airport
  • Shipping of the ashes to the UK
  • Collection from the UK airport
  • Delivery to your address


Average costs for returning ashes to the UK
*Please contact us with your specific requirements for a more accurate quote; final cost may differ depending on what country you are shipping from

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