Repatriation of body to India

Homeland International provide repatriation of remains services to anywhere in India from just £3,445.00. We manage all the paperwork including the liaison with the Indian High Commission and airlines.
Full costs are confirmed once we have received up to date costs from the airlines. To get started:

How body repatriation to India works

At Homeland International we provide everything required for the repatriation of remains to India. Typically, repatriation usually takes between 5 to 7 days, however in certain situations such as if a coroner is involved this may extend the time frame slightly. Once in our care, our team will care for the person who has died, complete the embalming which is required for repatriation and prepare the coffin for international transportation.

Estimate of Costs

Our Professional Fees
Local Removal (within M25) *
Care of the Deceased Person and International Embalming
Coffin Suitable for Repatriation
Coffin Preparation
Free from Infection Certificate
Transportation to the Airport
Flight to India **
Embassy Visit and Fees
*We are able to collect the deceased person from anywhere in the UK and will provide an additional cost for collection outside of London.
**Estimate based on 150KG, actual costing to be provided before repatriation.
Total Cost


Documentation required for repatriation of remains to India

Documents for you to provide to Homeland International

  • Passport of the deceased person
  • Two Death Certificates (we will legalise one with an apostille)
  • Homeland International Authorisation Form (this will be sent to you for completion)
  • Letter from Next of Kin or Indian funeral director requesting the permit from the embassy and confirming collection at Indian airport (we can provide a template for this) 
Documents which Homeland International will obtain
  • Out of England Certificate
  • Freedom from Infection Certificate
  • Embalming Certificate
  • Funeral Directors Declaration Certificate
  • Air Waybill document from airline
  • Embassy Permit

Airports we can fly to in India

We are able to arrange repatriation of remains to most international airports in India and on arrival it is usually the company or person appointed by the family who will collect.

If, however, you require a recommendation or assistance with services in India then we have reliable contacts willing to assist. Airports we are usually able to repatriate to in India are:

  • Ahmedabad
  • Bangalore
  • Chennai
  • Delhi
  • Goa
  • Kolkata
  • Mumbai
  • Plus others (contact us for alternative airports and we can investigate whether these are possible to reach)

Request Quotation

Please provide us with some information such as where the repatriation is to and from, we can then provide a quotation to you with estimated flight costs based on previous cases.
We will confirm full costs once we have received up to date costs from the airlines. You can contact us using one of the methods below:


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