Bangkok to Falkland Islands

Homeland International were first approached to take on this case by an insurance company we work closely with in the UK. A 55 year old male had sadly passed away in Bangkok and needed to be repatriated to the Falkland Islands where the majority of his family resided. The Falkland Islands are small, measuring just 12,200 km², to put that in perspective Britain is 243,610 km², and with a population of just under 3000 people, flights to the country are severely limited.


Any flights that do travel to the Falkland Islands require various stops across South America and are often on smaller aircrafts that would not have been suitable for our needs. Originally we were informed that we would need to fly from Bangkok to Santiago via Paris and that the only flights from Santiago to Falklands Islands took place once a week and we could not guarantee that there would be space for what we required.

We were forced to re-evaluate the route and had to find a new way to return the deceased person to his home. We found out that we could fly from Santiago to Puntas Arenas, Chile and from there we could fly in to the Falkland Islands’ Port Stanley Airport.